Awakening Wellness in Body, Mind, & Spirit


You CAN experience improved health, reduced aches

and pains, emotional and spiritual relief…

often from the comfort of your own home.

Namaste and welcome! I am so happy you have found your way to my site; my name is Rhonda Sandmoen and I am a Vibrational Therapist, Teacher and

Angel Communicator. My passion is in helping people to awaken the wellness that is already inside of them, in order to restore health, balance, and harmony in

Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

We are energetic beings, whenever we are sick or in pain, it is because our energies are out of balance and not flowing properly. Pain and disease are both the symptom and the result of imbalanced energy. I believe that when our energy is out of balance we need an infusion of life force energy Not chemicals, to restore our health and harmony. If you are ready to take charge of your health and life then please stay and look around, you might find yourself drawn to one or more of my healing methods. I love working with different types of energy, vibration, and frequency! The energies all speak to me in different ways and fulfill different needs, but when I focus the healing light into your life they all arrive at the same result…a healthier you! 

The Drug-Free way to well-lived, healthy life.


Vibrational medicine speaks to your soul, balances your energies, supports and strengthens your immune system, eases your stress, heals your emotional wounds, eliminates pain, and improves your overall physical health, energy, and vitality. When your energies are strengthened and balanced you feel relaxed, have more clarity of mind, are more inspired, creative, and tuned into your inner guidance...these are the “side effects” of energy healing!

Pets need healing energy too!


My greatest pleasure is working with our furry friends, and animals LOVE receiving healing energy! I offer Distance Reiki and EFT for your pets in separate or combined sessions. The energy can be sent to them at any time or in any circumstance whether they are at a kennel, undergoing surgery, or simply relaxing at home. Healing energy can calm your pets stress, fear, and anxiety, strenghten their immune system, give them relief from injury or illness, change unwanted behaviors, even ease their end of life transition.





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~Awakening Wellness~


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Wellness Services
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  • Tuning Fork Therapy

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Fifth Dimensional Healing

  • Angel Communication

  • The Reconnection

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Distance Healing

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In-person sessions and classes available in the Kansas City area.

Distance, phone, & Skype sessions available world-wide. 

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